PG02 Cycle 3: First presentation.


Link culture with passion, excitement, joy.

Passion drives arts professionals. Transmit this passion.

Funding problem with cuts.
No need to relay on gov funding.

Need of reach wider audience.

Private funding needed, via box office or membership squeme. Season Tickets

New venues and ways of enjoying live performances. Cinema, TV, big screens…

Sports as an example. Fan base.


Live performance as joyful and exciting experience.

Passion about what you see and enjoy

The venue as a place to gather and share the passion for arts and culture


A group of friends walking down a street chanting and laughing. All of them with clothes and scarfs based on the same colors.

They enter a theater along with more people of all backgrounds and ages (all with the same type of clothing)

Now in their seats all the crowd is chanting preparing to see the show.

We can see a famous excerpt of a play (e.g: to be or not to be…) wonderfully delivered by the actor. When he finish the crowd explodes in joy.

Now a really tragic moment, the guys with the scarf crying in silent, really engaged with the moment.

The show finish and the crowd leaves the venue with more chanting and laughing after having a great time.

The last image is someone showing a scarf with Shakespeare written on it.




Public investment enables the National to take creative risks and invest in the productions, skills and audiences of the future.

In 2013-14 the NT’s Arts Council grant is £17.4million, down from £19.7million in 2010-11: a reduction of 25% in real terms.
In 2013-14:
65% box office receipts at different venues.
17% Investment by Arts Council England represented (20 years ago it covered 40%).
7% from individuals, companies and trusts represented .

In 2013-14, audience attendance was 89% at the NT, with 33% being first-time bookers.

Since 2009, the National has broadcast at least six productions a year live to cinema screens in the National Theatre Live programme. There are currently 1,000 venues worldwide in 35 countries.

The National produces wide-ranging digital resources about theatre, including online videos, podcasts and audio recordings, available on the NT website and other platforms such as iTunes U and You Tube. There’s also an award-winning app, 50 Years of the National Theatre.
Source: National Theatre Website


The building as a perfect canvas


2016. 40 years anniversary of the building

Mapping with a rebuild sense, images


Full presentation:

PG02 Cycle 3: First Ideas


National Theatre:
Next year 40 years of the Southbank building

Link culture with passion, excitement, joy
Funding problem with cuts. No need to relay on gov funding.
Private funding needed, via box office or “socios” squeme

PG03 Cycle 3: Notes from first session

What is Moving Image

Is the future of Broadcasting social?

Multiplatform thinking

Process from concept to delivering

BRAND. Understand the brand. Impact,
How to give new life, new audience

What is passionate about

What are they doing better

Reflection/Self-reflection: IMPACT
How the new idea, brand stands out against the rest

PG02 Cycle 3: The brief


“Content is King”

“Choose a brand that you think you understand and create a piece of content that could be part of their next campaign.”

“Through your researched practice the objective of this cycle is to devise, set a brief, create, produce, post produce and deliver a 15 second piece of moving image (native capture or animated) for Instagram which is actually based on a 90 sec (maximum) piece of moving image branded content you will also create – all based on the creative ‘REFLECTION/SELF REFLECTION'”

“This project involves going through the entire creative, technical and strategic workflow. From selecting a brand of company, devising a creative idea, executing it according the brand’s ‘DNA’ and coming up with ways of distributing via Instagram as well as other platforms such as live installations, through interactive technology etc…”