3D Printed Cast Speeds Bone Recovery Using Ultrasound | IFLScience

A new prototype brings together 3D printing, room to breathe and ultrasound pulses to create a cast that is not only comfortable and stylish to wear but is expected to speed healing relative to existing options.

Source: 3D Printed Cast Speeds Bone Recovery Using Ultrasound | IFLScience

INTIMACY PROJECT. First Storyline Ideas


We are exposing our intimacy everyday via social networks. Every second, even simple and insignificant details, are published to social networks.

It could be a future where we expose everything. It could be like living in a Zoo cage, everything is visible from the outside.

A fixed shot will show a man doing some intimate actions, things that we normally won’t show to anyone. After a minute, the camera will open to show that he is in a glass cage, inside of a Zoo.

It can also be in an alien/robot world.

Style: La Soledad (Solitary Fragments), to shot the intimacy.


What would happen if we live in a world where there is no real intimacy anymore?

What if every second of our lives is recorded and broadcasted anywhere?

In this case we might need an Intimacy Museum to show what intimacy was. There will be different stations showing intimate moments.

Long big corridor with big glass windows where we can see a series of intimate moments.


If everything is recorded and broadcasted, will we have a new type of intimacy?

Will we be able to have only internal intimacy?

Will be only secret intimacy?. What if intimacy is forbidden?

A man and a woman are chased by some kid of guards. They are separate but we can see them in turns. The guards can be some kind of robots.

We can see them running and hiding until they meet each other to have a secret moment of intimacy. Maybe something simple like laying down together and caress each other in silent.

INTIMACY PROJECT. First thoughts

We have to focus on WHAT we want to tell, the story which will be core of the project.

Then we can discuss about HOW we are going to deliver this story.

The Motion Capture is a requirement on the project, but it has to fit in the story. We need to justify properly WHY this is used, in which sense it enforces the idea we want to communicate.

First references I can think of:

Solitary Fragments (La Soledad)


The visuals in this film are really simple, but perfectly delivered. One of the things I really liked is how is able to shoot intimate moments (just everyday moments, actions while the characters are alone), in a really simple way. For moments I really had the feeling to be like a voyeur spying into other people lives. It was almost disturbing in this sense.

La pianiste (The Piano Teacher)

In this case is more about obsessions than intimacy. But it brings to my head how sometimes the intimate world of a person is so much different from the normal life and how this can drive the person fate.

Black Miror. Season 1 Episode 3 The Entire History of You

Set in a near future where most people have device implanted behind their ear that records everything they do, see or hear. This allows memories to be played back either in front of the person’s eyes or on a screen. The intimacy gets recorded and shown.

So it not intimacy anymore. How the intimacy will be preserved in a world where everything, absolutely everything, is recorded.

Even if you view this again only with the person you shared the experience…how the intimacy change when is recorded and projected onto a screen?.

PG02 CYCLE 2: INTIMACY. The brief

Summing up the brief:

“Now more than ever ‘exchange’, both physical and digital has been drastically transformed as part of the constantly evolving digital landscape of our information age.

“We ask you to engage with the notion of intimacy and create ideas and demonstrations that respond to the technologically mediated world.”

“We are interested in human-centric narratives that critically engage not only with issues but also with new potentials of human intimacy. We want that you are sensitive to one of the current emerging debates in the world of sustainability, smart products and cities, open source movement, environmental conditions, global epidemics or expansion of human cognition/condition. Are there situations where intimacy has been lost? Is there a way to re-cover it or can we invent new solutions where novel ways of intimacy may be created? Analyse, speculate and re-think values and solutions.”


Create 60 sec piece of moving image to tell the story. Must include the use of a XBOX KINECT to create MOTION CAPTURE. All based on the narrative and subject matter of INTIMACY.


Work with actual physical bodies to explore the many different ways we represent ourselves and experiment with both digital and physical in order to bridge the two spheres (physical and digital) of intimacy.

Notes about Acoustophoresis


And the video: