PlayCanvas versus Unreal WebGL | PlayCanvas

Our previous article comparing PlayCanvas with Unity’s WebGL exporter certainly got folks talking. One of the questions that came up in the aftermath was “OK, but what about Unreal’s WebGL exporter?”. Unreal, like Unity, relies on Emscripten to port the native codebase to JavaScript. So it would be reasonable to expect Unreal to suffer from…

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“A Little Life”: Adaptation and Mixed Reality | The Theatre Times

There’s a colloquialism within the theatre community that ‘you know lighting design is good when you don’t notice it.’ While the validity of that statement remains debatable, the future of transmedia theatre could be in a similar direction. It’s certainly true that high-profile productions utilizing VR and robot actors are evidence of technology’s influence on […]

Source: “A Little Life”: Adaptation and Mixed Reality | The Theatre Times